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Venus Tesla Connection
Was Nikola Tesla An Alien From Venus?
by : Renee Rose ~ 24 Sept 20
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Tesla came from Venus
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Listen to Margaret Storm say : Tesla himself had been brought here in a
spaceship, that he was not born on this planet and that
he had been brought here
from Venus in 1856.
~ Hear the entire 1958 interview click on : Margaret Storm
Omnec Onec Woman from Venus at 18 years old wrote : Tesla pioneered in tapping the
unlimited energy available from the Earth itself, and understood that energy does not need
to be generated at great power planets.
>Few people on Earth know that he ever existed,
and fewer still know that
he came here from the planet Venus to help you.~~>>.>>~mp3
World Trade Center twin towers seemed to become a fountain of dust with
no black smoke that explosives cause, also fell at free-fall acceleration which
is impossible; leaving little debris on the streets was like
Arthur H. Matthews I am now probably the last living person who knew and
loved Tesla, but in all humility, I am aware that it was only because Tesla
left me some of his ideas to develop that
I was thus able to meet these people
from Venus who claimed Tesla as one of their own.
~ The Wall Of Light, Page 41
A long time ago, when I was a boy, I was afflicted with a singular trouble,
which seemed to have been
due to an extraordinary excitability of the retina.
It was the appearance of images which, by their persistence, marred the vision
of real objects and interfered with thought. ~ Century Magazine ~ June 1900
World's Fair Chicago, Columbian Exhibition, Electricity Pavilion.
At the fair Tesla passed two million volts of electricity through his body with
violet co
lor electric sparks coming out of his skin from every part of his body.
Tesla created lightning bolts above his laboratory in Colorado Springs. He also
illuminated a bank of light bulbs (through the air) on another mountain top about
26 miles away.
>Next Tesla built his Wardenclyffe Tower to distribute electricity.
The World, New York City newspaper : Tesla's idea is to produce here on Earth vibrations similar to those which cause the sunlight. ~ No one makes sunlight !
Read this 1894 newspaper article in the Nikola Tesla section.
Tesla's invisable wall of defence in a NYC newspaper; Tesla said, is based on
an entirely new principle of physics that no one has ever dreamed about.
Listen to John Lear son of Bill Lear Jet say : Venus is a planet just like Earth.
Hear Art Bell introduce John Lear in the first 3 minutes of his radio show on
Coast-to-Coast AM Radio ~ Our Moon was towed here. ~ 21 March 2004
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Venus Tesla Connection introduction ~ home page
.Margaret Storm~~.~loved Tesla
.Arthur H. Matthews~.knew Tesla
Secret of Lightning >Tesla knew Earth was surrounded with electric energy.
Why & Who Kept Tesla a Secret >Find this woven throughout this site.
Nikola Tesla >Margaret Storm called Tesla... Freedom Star.
Arthur H. Matthews >His book... The Wall of Light
with Tesla as co-author.>Tesla's own words start in Chapter One.
Matthews writes... Was he (Tesla) an Earth man?
Did he come from the planet Venus?
Was he born on a space ship?
The answers to these and many other questions will
be found in this story from the lips of the man himself.
Read... The Wall of Light... on Arthur H. Matthews page.
Tesla Oscillator Shakes NYC ~ Then and Now
This will give you more insight into who Tesla really was.
Tesla Devices Kept From Us >Tesla created Ozone in 1891.
Ozone is only one of the reasons Tesla was kept a secret.
In the Nikola Tesla section
read... Can A Man Live Forever?... Tesla's Electroscope kept from us.
Margaret Storm >Her book... Return of the Dove
has strange mysterous knowledge of Nikola Tesla.
Read... Return of the Dove... on Margaret Storm page.
This site centers around Nikola Tesla
showing Arthur H. Matthews
how to collect natural electricity.
Podcast Recordings >Nikola Tesla is the star.
Welcome to the :

Venus Tesla Connection

This will focus on Nikola Tesla and electricity
and what we lost when they kept Tesla a secret.

Recorded January 8, 2012
before this site was named
the :
Venus Tesla Connection
144 seconds
The Woman From Venus
site creator & host
Curtis Cooperman
When Omnec Onec was only
18 years old in 1966 she wrote :
Nikola Tesla was brought here from
the planet Venus to help you.
Listen to :
From Venus I Came
The most valuable application
of wireless energy will be
the propulsion of flying machines
Nikola Tesla
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Tesla has taught us to capture and collect
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Tesla Electricity
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Can A Man Live Forever?

Tesla's instrument was key in
displaying it's ability to guide us
to purify the human body.

Tesla Electroscope

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Keeping Tesla Alive
Tesla Created Ozone
We Create Homozon
Tesla Electricity
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source : Lightning Strikes
Lightning a natural Earth resource

also find
Tesla revealed the vibration
of sunlight.

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10 July 1856
Nikola arrival day to Earth

Handed to a woman from Venus
a Mrs. Tesla.
Read :
Return of the Dove on this site.

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Venus Tesla Connection introduction ~ home page
.Margaret Storm~~.~loved Tesla
.Arthur H. Matthews~.knew Tesla